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A new addition to my top 10 sea encounters

By May 12, 2016 No Comments

So on Tuesday I told you how I found treasure in the waters of Norman Island. Well today I want to tell you about something else I saw in the water there.

A couple weeks ago I was in The Bight at Norman Island with a family that had three kids, in fact Logan and Nolan wrote about cliff jumping and the Baths. We had just come back from dinner and jumping off the Willy T and were playing around in the water in the dark. After 10-20 minutes of goofing around we get out and clean up.

15 minutes after this we hear some large splashes, which we all expect to be a drunk swimmer or paddle boarder. I grab my flashlight to make sure they are ok and a three-foot fish swims towards the boat and under it quickly. Being that it is night time I assume it is a tarpon and tell everyone so, but before I can even get the whole sentence out of my mouth we see a seven-foot great hammerhead shark chasing it. This guy came so close to the boat that he would have hit his head on the swim ladder if I had it down. Both the fish and the shark made a second loop and bolted under the boat again and that was the last we saw or heard.

The whole experience only lasted five seconds or so, but I think it left a lasting impression on those kids because it certainly left one on me. This story has jumped into my top ten sea encounters immediately.

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