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A man and his monkey!!!

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Last week we were the second day of charter and had just pulled into Cooper Island when my guest, James, saw a Sunsail boat names Triple D. On the boat they had several inflatable toys attached including a pirate, flamingo and monkey. James swam over and since they were on their last day of charter James was able to negotiate a trade, the inflatable monkey for half a bottle of wine (I think we got the better end of that deal.

Getting the monkey

Here James has just negotiated for the monkey and is swimming back with him.

Now he had had this large monkey, but had to swim back to the boat with him. I will spare you the details of each position it seemed James put that monkey into as he struggled to swim with him a 150 feet, but all I can say is that the monkey was violated several times and I swear was smoking a cigarette afterwards.

Poor monkey!!!!!

Poor monkey!!!!!

We tied him (the monkey, not James)  up to the bow of the boat, named him Cooper, and displayed him proudly. Several hours later my guest went to shore for dinner, which they loved, and I stayed aboard to take care of boat stuff and relax a bit. During that time would you believe we had an act of piracy?

Blog - Monkey 4

Yes sir. That mutinous crew aboard Triple D, that negotiated in good faith, came over after drinking our wine….and many, many, many more ashore….and stole Cooper right off our bow. With me aboard!!!!!! For the record I am going to say they were some of the stealthiest, sneakiest, most cunning drunk pirates around, because I did not hear a thing and you can imagine how good of a lookout I was being ;). All we found were the cut ropes of Cooper’s bondage. Now who was violated?!?!

As with all good stories this one had a happy ending as the captain of the Triple D found out about his crews antics and returned Cooper to us. We tied him back to the bow where he sits today as my figure head just like the ancient ships of a bygone era. Although their figureheads were of half naked women and mine is a blown up monkey, but that seems fitting for the Virgin Islands.


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