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A High Adventure Spring Break

By April 12, 2015 2 Comments
Check out that turtle

Check out that turtle The boys are playing at the Bubbly Pool Now that is a lot of fish Picking up our pizza

This was a high adventure trip. I never knew when my parents told me about this trip how much fun I would have. I knew it would be different and maybe a little fun, but that was nothing compared to what it really was. The adventure started at the willy-T, a boat restaurant who you can sometimes, althoug very rarely catch a foodora deal for it. We jumped off the top of it into the water three times, it was so fun.

Two days later we went to The Baths, my favorite part. Captain Shane took us off of the main path, where we crawled through crevices in the rocks, climbed up piles of huge rocks, and jumped off of giant boulders into the water. It was like going through a giant stone labyrinth. At the end, we swam through a tunnel in the coral to get inside of an underwater air pocket. Everything we said echoed so we had to be really quiet. That was difficult for me.

On the last day, we went to the bubbly pool. It was an opening in the rocks where huge waves crashed in and shot us backwards on to the sand. Captain Shane showed me a rock that you could swim to and hold on. When the waves came, you would try to hold on. You can hold on for a few waves, but eventually a big wave comes and launches you backwards in a frenzy of foam and salt water.

These are just a few of the many amazing things we did. I can’t begin to describe all of the fun things we did in the short time I had to write this. This was one of the best vacations I have ever had!

Charles age 12


Saturday: We arrived at the boat around three o’clock in the afternoon, and after a quick introduction of how things work on a boat, we motored over to Buck Island. On our trip over, we spotted a double rainbow. We snorkeled and dined on pasta that night.

Sunday: We snorkeled the modern ship-wreck at Buck Island right after we ate breakfast. Then, we traveled to the other side of Buck Island, and swam with turtles. They rested on the ocean floor, and every twenty minutes, they came up to breathe. We could swim right next to them when they came up to breathe. We then traveled past multiple Islands until we reached Water Lemon Key. It was a very scenic location, with hills covered in trees with a small beach surrounding us. We snorkeled around a very small island, which was surrounded by coral, sea fans, and rainbow colored fish. Later into the afternoon, we hiked along shore to find ruins of an ancient sugar mill. That night we ate boat-made pizza, which my brother described as “the best pizza he ever had.”

Monday: After checking into the BVI, we spent the morning snorkeling in multiple locations, including some shallow caves and a reef that resembled the one from Finding Nemo. We docked that night in a bay that held the restaurant “Willy T,” a renovated boat made into a bar that served excellent food. The second story of the boat is famous for people jumping off of it into the water below. My brother and my dad did it- three times.

Tuesday: We put up our sails for the first time, and spent the morning snorkeling a shipwreck. We reached Cooper Island that afternoon and my dad and I snorkeled the rocky area surrounding it. We saw barracudas, an eagle spotted ray, tarpon, permit, and large formations of coral. We ate on-shore at the Cooper Island restaurant, and played a game of darts.

Wednesday: We went straight to the baths, a formation of huge rocks piled on top of each other to form something like a maze. The passageways in between the rocks ranged from twenty feet high to two feet high. Sometimes we went underwater; sometimes we walked fifteen feet above the water. Once we went high enough, we jumped off of the highest rock we could reach into a pool of water. We eventually left the baths to dock at a pirate show in a resort on another island.

Thursday: We spent almost the entire day snorkeling, some locations deep with heavy surf, some shallow and smooth. We reached a resort in Tortola, explored the huge beach there. We ate on the boat that night with a simple, yet genius, grilled chicken dish.

Friday: We left Tortola’s populated beach to sail to a much more secluded one in the morning, and hiked a trail that had plenty of hermit craps to play with. We then traveled to an island where we did not know what to expect until we literally walked right into it. From the outside, it appeared like an average island, but once we hiked a ways, we came across the bubbly pool. This was a natural pool that had waves come in between the rocks, and made it fun to test yourself how long you could withstand the current before getting pushed back up to the shore of the pool. After that adventure, we sailed back into U.S. territory and ordered pizza from the Pizza Pi boat. The Pizza Pi boat is kind of like a marine food truck/ pizza delivery service. The pizza had the most unexpected flavors that worked together perfectly.

Saturday: We prepared for departure and sailed back to Saint Thomas. This has been a phenomenal trip, and I definitely would love to come back to the Virgin Islands sometime in my future.

Lilly age 14


  • Shane says:


    It was a true delight to have you and your family aboard. I am glad they liked reading their blog and I look forward to having you back someday soon. In the mean time continue to enjoy the website….who knows they may see their photo some week for the photo of the day.

  • The Agnacians says:

    The kids loved seeing their reviews on your blog! Thanks for the wonderful trip! Wish we were still there!

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