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A gift of lobsters? Yes please. Thank you!

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Me with a Lobster

The other day a friend of mine stopped by after he went diving for lobsters and dropped off two tails and a live lobster. It was unexpected and extremely nice of him. I figure they are each around $20 in the store and $40-50 at a restaurant.

Melek thought it was very nice also, but as soon as the live one moved she raced down stairs to get away from it. Haha.

As you can see the lobsters in the Carribean are different than the ones in Maine. These do not have claws and have spines all over them. They are more closely related to crayfish, but if you grab one without a glove those spines will rip your hand apart, because they use thier tail to shoot backwards.

The first one I sauted in butter and garlic and served over couscous. Next time I will grill one with a chili lime spice I have aboard. How do you like them?

A lot of people call lobsters “bugs” and I think they look similar to the face hugger on the movie Alien. Can you see it? I have a photo of me holding one close to my face like the lobster is a face hugger. Would you like to see it? Say so in the comments below and maybe I will use it as a photo of the day. 🙂


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