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A full moon…BVI style

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Bomba Shack famous mushroom teaBomba Shack Trellis Bay Fire Balls In Daylight Full Moon Party

Every 28 days an event happens around the world that is celebrated in two different locations and styles in the British Virgin Islands.  The event is the completion of a lunar cycle with a full moon.  The locations for the parties are Trellis Bay and the Bomba Shack.

I have been to the Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay on multiple occasions.  Every time it is a wonderful celebration acceptable for all members of the family.  The evening starts off with a $20 buffet around sunset.  You are only allowed to go through the line once, but I have never seen anyone not get enough food.  Of course there are other bars and restaurants open which you may choose from  instead.  Around 9pm the famous metal “fireballs” stuffed with wood are set on fire along with two metal 12-15 foot statues.  After this the band plays, people dance, kids run around, everyone enjoys watching the fireballs burn 10 feet from shore, and one form of entertainment after another is brought out.  First two ladies stand between a sheet and a large light and do a shadow dance number.  Then one of them is lifted above the crowd on a crane and she does a circus aerobic act with long, wide ribbons of silk (Cirque du Soleil style).  Last the Jumbies, or stilt walkers, come out in their brightly colored outfits.  These men and women are standing at least 6-7 feet off the ground and it is a soft sandy beach to boot.  They have talent to say the least.  The organizers do a fantastic job with this event and I have never failed to have a wonderfully fun time in Trellis Bay.

The second party is on the other end of the island at the Bomba Shack and is said to be adult only.  I had the chance to attend this party for the first time last month with my nephew and Luke.  It was a large party and everyone was having a good time, but I did not see the rave style adult only party I was warned about.  Yes they had the famous mushroom tea available (in fact they were pushing the sell of it rather hard), but that is about it.  In fact I felt like I was at an outdoor dance club more than a monthly island celebration.

I had fun with the boys at the Bomba Shack party and I may come back, but based on this one experience I would rather go back to Trellis Bay for the next full moon.  Which would you rather attend when you are down here?

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