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A 5 year old’s tao of boat life

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We had a quite a fun week aboard the Guiding Light.  We brought our son and the thousand questions and interesting observations of a five-year-old made our vacation very pleasurable and interesting. A few of Matthew’s more interesting gems follow:


“Why is this wheel so big?”


“Ok I got my spit back.” (This was in regards to the salt water getting in Matthews mouth)


Matthew, “Where’s your home Captain Shane?”

Shane, “This boat.”

Matthew, “You LIVE on this Boat?!? But where’s your house?” 


Matthew asked, “How can ya’ll eat so fast?”
Captain Shane’s response, ” Well we eat and don’t talk all the time Matthew.”


“I Love this chocolate surprise Captain Shane!”

“It is possible to speak with a snorkel in your mouth”


“I turn off my ears at night so I don’t hear the waves.”


“Why is there an ‘H’ in Aaaaaarrrh!”


“Why are there pirates in this room?” (this would be in the pirate room)


The Noise maker was quite a conversation piece:
Matthew, “Which one is your favorite Captain Shane?”
Shane, “The one that says ‘you scaly wags!’ “

Matthew, “My favorite is, “the swords!”


Shane, ” Well Matthew has now officially initiated all the Bathrooms!” (after no one could find him for his shower, because he was using Shane’s bathroom)


Matthew: “When Do we get to go swimming?” (This was during the sailing back to St Thomas. Matthew became restless without being able to swim)

“Why is it taking so long?”

And then “When do we get to go sailing again?” (once we arrived)


Thanks again Captain Shane for taking us on a Really, fantastic sailing Vacation!

What to see, what to see

Check this out Matthew!

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