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5 star review on the way to finding the best Painkiller

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[Shane – This is the review of 3 fun couples I had. Click here to see other 5 star reviews on VRBO]

Six friends from New England set sail on the Guiding Light out of St Thomas and left behind their children, jobs, stress and any and all other worries! Leaving the bitter cold of Boston, Massachusetts, we flew to St Thomas for the start of a trip with the excuse of

Dinner time

Dinner time with….Painkillers of course!

celebrating the year that four out of six of us would turn 40! Shane was friendly and outgoing from the get go, getting us acquainted with the boat and how things operated. Having him do our grocery shopping before we boarded the boat was a huge convenience. We easily picked cabins, water bottle and towel colors and soon set sail. The arrangements on the boat were great, there was ample space for all of us to eat, sleep and lounge while we were underway or not. Shane was very patient with us, answering all of our questions (with a sense of humor at the annoying ones) and helped us fill out the paperwork needed to get going. What

Off to find another

And we are off to find the next Painkiller.

followed was an amazing week of exactly what we had set sail for rest and relaxation, snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming, sight-seeing, eating and drinking pain killers at each and every stop (how else do you figure out who has the best?). It was a stress free week with Captain Shane giving us options throughout the trip and allowing us to call the shots. We had too many highlights to mention them all.. Ivan’s Stress Free Bar buffet, Willy T’s, Leverick Bay and the Pirate Show, the Bathes, the Bubble Pools, Cooper Island, the Caves & Indians, Saba Rock and the Tarpon Feeding, Bitter End Yacht Club and the hammocks, Soggy Dollah Bah, Anegada and their lobsters..and the Pain Killers. The water toys that were available to us were great as well. Some of us enjoyed sailing more than others and helped Shane to get to and from spots as needed. I’m sure Shane appreciated the guys help! What started as an idea presented by one of the group members a couple of years ago turned into a memorable trip that ranks among the best vacations by all of us. If you are in need of a week in paradise spent with friends or family, this is your vacation. Or maybe you are in need of the healing powers of the amazingly colored water. The British Virgin Islands offered exactly what we set sail to find: beautiful sights, picture perfect views, laid back attitudes and a relaxing vacation like no other. As a group we have yet to decide which bar had the best Painkiller so a repeat vacation is in the works to continue the research necessary to make an informed group decision.

Passed out

OK, we might have had one too many. 🙂

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