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Plans change every day

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Well captain Shane has asked me to keep a log for his weekly blog. So here goes my efforts at writing and dazzling the general public with the tale of our adventure. Patrick and I, TJ as a way of introduction, came alone and had the boat to ourselves sans Captain Shane.

Wednesday: We were originally scheduled to start off on Friday but due to incoming storms we offered to help ride out the storm and Capt Shane accepted πŸ™‚ so Wednesday we met at the marina and rode the dingy out to SV Guiding Light. After taking a 3 hour trek to water creek in hurricane hole, near Coral Bay, we were lucky to meet an old guy with dive equipment who helped us hook up our lines. We then enjoyed a quick dip in the beautiful waters. And had Jerk Chicken Ceasar-ish (creamy Italian dressing) salad and fried bananas for desert!!! Yummy!!! We then sat around chatting until midnight did our safety briefing and boat orientation. The storm turned out to not hit as hard as we thought and I enjoyed sitting on deck while everyone slept at 3am watching the boats bob and weave in the night.

Thursday: Morning brought fresh coffee made in a french press πŸ™‚ and my flavored cream that I had requested!!! Captain Shane dazzled us with his baking skills by making homemade bread!!! (something he does for all his guests) and banana bread!!! The weather was on and off rainy and naps were the order of the day.

Friday: today we decided to depart the hole and really begin our adventure. Lunch a quick dip and pull the lines and go!!! A semi rough ride (if you or anyone can call 6-8 foot waves semi rough) to get to a “grocery” store in Cruz Bay, and then off to the north side of the island in search of calm waters and dinner ashore.Β  Dinner at a resort that was open only one more day and retire early!!

Saturday:Β  we went to a few snorkel sites. Had lunch by whistling cay did some snorkeling and fed some fish and birds… Then off to our next site water Lemmon bay where we enjoyed a lazy afternoon and spent the night. Captain Shane dazzled is with lemon/artichoke/chicken soup mango pasta and homemade cherry cheesecake pastry!! Yummy

Sunday: we awoke had our coffee and went snorkeling!! What an amazing site. Other than running into a jelly fish it was a fun snorkel. We even saw some starfish and a nurse shark. We then sailed for the first time to Soopers Hole in the BVI where we cleared customs and enjoyed lunch ashore. Then off to the Indians and the Caves for more snorkeling. Then to The Bight Bay for the night. We are off to Willy T’s to boogie the night away. I’ll let you know if I survive…….

Monday: we survived last night but are all a little slower this morning!!! It was GREAT fun. Today we went boat shopping!! Patrick and I have been considering and searching for our own catamaran !! It was great fun!! I’m pretty sure the lagoon 500 has won my heart!! Now if I could just get Patrick to agree we’d be all set. We had homemade pizza with feta stuffed green peppers for dinner. Sailed over to the Baths and called it an early night!!

Tuesday: We did more snorkeling and went to — bay where we found the resorts spa open and we had massages πŸ™‚ and an early night

Wednesday: we decided to take the long (14 hours) trek to st Martin. So we had lunch ashore, got in one last snorkel site and started our adventure around 4:30. Captain Shane made dinner a few hours out. Roasted pepper tomato soup (it was delicious) and we all took our shift at watching for other boats and to make sure we stayed on course. So far in my shift all is well the waves are not huge, but you can sure feel them πŸ™‚ around 9:50 I finally lost cell service!!! Can I survive the night without it? It kinda feels like a movie to be sitting up there in the dark watching nothingness!!

Thursday/ Friday we have arrived!!!!! We are in St Marteen we have eat at a few local restaurants had ice cream at mc Donald’s πŸ™‚ and spent most of our time shopping for a boat of our own!!! It was a greatΒ  11 day adventure!!! One I will never forget!! And I made a new friend to boot!! Thank you Shane for being the tops at what you do.

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