Hello my name is Chris.  Audrey and I hopped on the Guiding Light for the 8th and 9th day of our 10 day honeymoon in St. John.  Being a boat and water junkie that has always wanted to do a week long boat charter, I was thoroughly excited for the adventure.  Audrey was cautiously optimistic.  We had an awesome time at Norman Island snorkeling the caves (my favorite thing of the trip), eating at Pirate’s Bight (Audrey’s favorite thing), and topping the night off at Willie T’s for some dancing and debauchery.  On the second day we visited Sandy Cay and ended the journey at Soggy Dollar Bar for a few hours of people watching and beach relaxation.  We had a great time through and through.

The Guiding Light is a great boat and Shane was an awesome captain.  Thanks for the great time and adventure.

Shane here again.  The rest of the week was dealing with some minor maintenance and getting the port engine starter repaired.  I am not a mechanic, but am fairly handy.  Well I was able to trace where the clicking sound was coming from when the ignition was pushed and took the part off to have it tested.  When I got there they said it was a nice looking starter solenoid, but I would have to go back and take the starter off to have it tested also.  Whoops.  Another lesson learned.

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