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disaster struck when I wiped out on the intertube

By March 7, 2019Misc stuff
falling off the tube

Sometimes my friends like to take me tubing when we are both sitting in Christmas Cove. I think it is a blast and a fun way to get some excercise. Excercise? You bet!!! After a half hour to hour of trying to hold on to the tube my arms are worn out.

When he makes a sharp turn I have to lay down because theĀ centrifugal force really gets the intertube moving and sometimes it is all I can do to hang on. Other times he will go straight and I can hop up onto my knees and ride it with no hands. Tons and tons of fun!

Well the last time we went out everyone was having a blast when he whipped me around and theĀ centrifugal force was going really strong. So strong in fact that I could not hold on. I hit the water with so much force I felt my swimtrunks pull down a little bit. I went to adjust them and that is when I realized I did not have the button anymore. the force of the water had ripped off the button. Now I am not talking about a button with four holes you sew on. I am talking about a metal tab like you find on blue jeans. The water ripped the tab out of the fabric and left me with nothing to fasten.

When they came back I said I need ot go back to the boat and they asked “so soon”. I told them what happened, they laughed, I got a new pair of trunks, and off we went for round two! šŸ™‚


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