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Victim of my own success????

By June 14, 2016Misc stuff
Map of the BVI

So every now and then I start to tell my guest a story about a place that we are at and they will interrupt me by saying “is this the story of so and so who did this and that? I remember reading about that on your blog”. It is really awesome knowing that people read my blog and enjoy the legends and history I tell about along with stories of my experiences and what not.

The bad part is that I feel weird as we go along and I don’t a story. Luckily not everyone has heard the story and the person that did read it wants to hear it again. Whoa who!

With that said stay tuned for more legends of the Virgin Islands, but first you will want to come back on Thursday to read about how my last guest violated a blow up monkey. 😉

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  • Mark says:

    Great times Shane! Can’t wait to hear about the violated monkey and the stories of piracy alive and well in the Caribbean!

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