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Unexpected beauty in Portugal! By Melek

By November 12, 2017Europe, Portugal
Beach in Lagos

As you may know by following the blog, we passed to Portugal from Spain. I was quite curious about the differences of this country from Spain as they are very close to each other.

We stayed in a city called Sao Bras de Alportel to have a good location in the middle that from here we can go down to Faro and Lagos which are by the seaside and also to Evora and Elvas as they have some World Heritage Sites. So, we drove to the city with no expectation, but we were welcomed by a very cute, sunny, and beautiful little town. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but I couldn’t believe how many tourists were there… I wrote about having many British tourists there, which makes you feel like you`re in England and we ate at an Indian restaurant which is a funny thing to do when in Portugal but the food was sooo good.

The hotel we stayed was a beautiful old house, the owner was very nice and welcoming (this was kind of a luxury for us after Spain as due to having too many tourists they seems to care less about hospitability). He provided us fruits from his garden and his fridge was open to guests with drinks. After realizing Spanish people ate only bread with coffee for breakfast my first questions was about breakfast!

Me- What do you eat for breakfast?

He – What do you eat for breakfast?

Shane – Don’t ask her they eat a lot for breakfast as she is Turkish!

Passage in the rocks

Passage in the rocks from one beach to the next

After this funny conversation, he informed us that he owns a café at the main square, which is just around the corner, and we can have breakfast there ordering whatever we want! Yeayyyyy… Having omelet and fresh orange juice with fruits was so nice (my eating habits have changed dramatically during this trip as I am ok with less at the moment, but I am hoping I will be back to normal once we are back in Istanbul)

The next day we drove to Fago and from there to Lagos, where we swam for the first time in a while! The water was cold so we stayed in for only 5 minutes, but the beach was very nice. It had rocks all around and they were really cool. They even made a hole in a rock for a passage from one beach to the other. Of course, Shane took lots of pictures. ???? We suggest you go to Lagos if you`re ever in Portugal.

When we left this beautiful town, we headed to Evora, which is our next stop and blog!

Fort in Lagos

They even had a small fort in Lagos to protect the entrance into the river.

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