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Let’s talk about Turkey! I am talking about the country! :) by Melek

By March 13, 2018Middle East, Turkey
Turkey - Istanbul - Galata Tower - With Flag
Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

As I am from Turkey I would like to mention different places to see in Turkey! As the history dates back a long time, we have a lot of historic places to see in Turkey. I am thinking most of you heard about Istanbul which is the biggest city in Turkey and there are a lot of historic sites to see. I am not going to explain to you what to see in Istanbul, I am mostly going to explain where else there to see in Turkey since Shane did a good job of telling about Istanbul in his video! Here is the link for his Istanbul travel video.

vacation-turkey-cappadocia-guvercinlikMy favorite place other than Istanbul is Cappadocia, which are the towns carved into rocks called fairy chimneys. As many civilizations lived here, there are old towns, monasteries, churches and even underground cities. For me this is one of the most amazing, magical and romantic place in Turkey. One thing you must do here is a balloon ride for the sun rise! Also make sure to stay in a cave hotel which is the great way to get the feel of this romantic place… Of course Shane has a travel video for this place as well so click this link to see more about this place Cappadocia.

Troy - Trojan Horse - OutsideAnother place must to visit is Troy, as I am guessing all of you heard about it! It is down from the Dardanelles [Shane – half the seaway connecting the Med and Black Sea] and around an hour drive from the city Canakkale… This ancient place hosted 9 different civilizations and you can see all layers from them. Shane does not have a travel video for here yet but it will be coming soon. So for now only a picture from Troy.

Another interesting place is Pamukkale in the city of Denizli. The Turkish translation is “cotton castle”, due to the ingredients of water it makes it white all around. This place is not far from the Agean coast of Turkey, as there are many ancient places around here as you are visiting Pamukkale you might want to visit Ephesus nearby the city of Izmir.

Fethiye TurkeyIf you’re looking for a beachside vacation you may prefer the coastal area on the Agean coast as it is cooler, windier than the Mediterranean coast. The places I suggest would be Bodrum (very nice resorts, night life and beaches, crowded though), also Alacati, Cesme nearby Izmir is very popular for surfing and wonderful resorts and boutique hotels. Marmaris has beautiful bays and also very popular for sailors as it has great marina and facilities for sailors. If you go down little bit through the Mediterranean coast, Fethiye is the place to be, small town but beautiful bays and coves to discover. You’ll love the beaches with pine trees. For sailors there are many wonderful bays to explore and Gocek has a big marina for sailors as well.

On the Mediterranean coast the best place to be is Antalya,(which is where I was born) but as it gets really hot in summer time which is June, July and August, if you don’t like heat and humidity, prefer May or September. Many historic places and nearby little towns to explore, even if you come at the right time you can go to skiing and come back and go swimming as well…

Hope this helps if you’re considering Turkey for vacation. One thing I didn’t mention is the islands on the Agean coast some of which are Turkish and some are Greek! If you want some more info check out Shane’s Turkey Travel Guide.

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