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Sunset on my Turkish adventure

By November 20, 2019Middle East, Photos, Turkey
Selimiye At Sunset POTD

Today is the last blog from the nine days I spent exploring the Aegean Coast of Turkey with Melek at the end of August into the begining of September. We saw a lot of amazing places and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. My favorites were visiting 2 (almost 3, but that is a story we already mentioned) of the 7 World Wonders of the Ancient World, Ephesus (amazing Greek/Roman town with the library being my favorite), and of course Pammukule with the pools of blue water on the naturally white washed cliff (and then swimming in the Roman Pool on top of that!!!). Those are not even mentioning that we visited two different Greek islands either. Like I said, we saw a lot!

Now it is time to recap the three weeks I spent in Israel and Jordan with my parents and one of thier friends. I flew straight from Izmir to Tel Aviv to meet them on September 7th. Let the adventure begin. 🙂

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