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Spanish way of eating! By Melek

By October 17, 2017Europe, Spain

When I was in Barcelona 5 years ago, my friends and I stayed on La Rambla (the most popular street in Barcelona with many restaurants and bars) and on our first night we couldn’t sleep as people were on the streets drinking and talking loud until way early in the morning! It continued until 4-5 am and we couldn’t sleep at all! The next day we came back to our room at 5 o’clock in the morning and that solved the problem :). Hehe

This time after Morocco and being tourist, we are of course waking up and having breakfast early. I have to mention that they don’t have a proper breakfast and when I saw Spaniards pouring olive oil on bread accompanied with some coffee I almost had a heart attack (you know growing up on a proper Turkish breakfast and all)!!! That’s not breakfast, so we decided that we arrange our own breakfast!

Of course, around noon time we get hungry and we do find places to eat a quick lunch with a sandwich or slice of pizza, so we can get back to seeing stuff! But in the evening, wherever we went they said they are not serving dinner yet! It is 7 pm, what is wrong with now? Many restaurants were not even open, almost all the restaurants serve food all the time in Turkey! I can understand their siesta time and closing down the shops at a certain time, but some restaurants not opening before 9 pm is a bit too much! Some are open, but just not serving food only drinks! Anyway, to go with the flow we tried going out for dinner around 8 pm, and if you’re so hungry by this time you can also enjoy getting a drink which comes with a tapa.

I do like Spanish food especially tapas and their freshly made Sangria, which mostly comes with tapas! As we are in Spain, so now we eat the Spanish way! ????

[Shane – A note FYI, apparently Spanish people have a light breakfast as Melek said and they eat big lunch after 1 in the afternoon and then retire during the hot afternoon. This is why some places are closed from 1-4 including our car rental place, but that is a different story. Once the heat starts subsiding they emerge and the closer you get to 8pm the more of them you will see out and about. Dinner is more of drinks and tapas, but food is not served until 8 and they can go until the early hours of the morning. Have fun.] 

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