Saba Rock From A Distance

Saba Rock bar Saba Rock grounds Rhone Artifacts Saba Rock From A Distance

Up in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda you will find the tiny island of Saba Rock stuck in the middle of the channel between Bitter End Yacht Club and Prickly Pear Island. This amazing island started life as a pile of rocks. Back in the 80’s a dive shop was started here and finally after person after person stopped by asking for a drink the owner opened a bar.

The current rendition of the island is absolutely stunning. There is a wrap around bar/restaurant that serves amazing food and has a nice happy hour from 4-6pm. At 5pm they have a “tarpon feeding” where a large school of 4-6 foot tarpon gather and are feed bits of chicken. The chicken is tossed out as the tarpon race after it. After that the gentleman in charge will show you the aquarium where you will find one of the anchors and cannon of the RMS Rhone. While you look at them see if you can find the 4 foot long morey eel.

In the gift shop you will find all kinds of artifacts from the RMS Rhone in a case along with treasures from the Atocha found in the Florida Keys.

To me the best part of the island is up the stairs to the back side. Here there is a manicured lawn and gorgeous garden to walk around in as you work your way down to the small beach area with a couple hammocks. Plus this is where the 12  rooms you can rent are.

To me Saba Rock is the nicest boutique resorts in the Virgin Islands and I hope you get the chance to stop by.



  • Shane says:


    There is no connection between me and Mel Fisher or his discovery of the Atocha. It is a coincident that his ship and this resort have the same name. With that said they may carry artifacts from the shipwreck, because it has the same name as his ship. I will have to look into that. Thanks for pointing it out.


  • Paul Benton says:

    In 1985/6 I was living in the Keys, on a boat. Moored next to us was a Mel Fisher leased boat, The Saba Rock. Is there a connection with you and that salvage ship?

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