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Come with Captain Shane as he takes you on an adventure of sailing and chartering aboard the Guiding Light. During his 10 plus years owning the Guiding Light he has explored the Gulf & East Coast of the United States, The Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and the rest of the Caribbean.

Along with cruising, Captain Shane has run a very successful charter business in the Caribbean. As part of his charter business, he bakes his famous homemade bread and some truly spectacular dinners during each week guests are aboard.

In “Cooking on the Guiding Light”, Captain Shane brings both his cruising and cooking experience together by relaying stories and adventures he has been on with the Guiding Light and combining them with many of the delicious recipes he cooks for his guests. Inside the covers you will find 17 different stories, each related to a different category of recipes, and 68 different recipes including drinks, appetizers, salads, soups, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetarian, side dishes, bread desserts, cakes, chocolate yummies, fruit delights, pies & tarts, and breakfast.

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