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Portuguese way of eating! By Melek

By December 12, 2017Europe, Portugal

I wrote a blog about Spanish way of eating which was mainly that they eat very late around 9 p.m and for breakfast they eat nothing! Piece of bread and coffee for a breakfast was a good shock for me as a Turkish.


Pasteis de Belem

From Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon

Anyway so we are in Portugal now and luckily they are ok eating around 7 pm so no problem there. Their breakfast is bacon, cheese and bread which is still ok. As they also serve butter and jam in the hotels. But there is something very interesting here as they put an egg into everything. Once I read an article about Turkey that we put yogurt on everything, I think it is something like that. First time I ordered smoked salmon salad and I was shocked to find an egg on top of it! I asked for a steak and there was a fried egg on top and the most shocking one was when Shane ordered soup and they put fried egg in it! He said it was ok but I just cannot imagine an egg in the soup! After a while I got used to having an egg on or in everything and I was just asking is there an egg in it or without an egg please which shocked them back. ( they couldn’t understand what was wrong with me that I didn’t want an egg on my steak!) 🙂

Another suggested thing was a really famous sandwich called a Franchesca!?!? Shane said he must have it as it had bacon, sausage, beef and all kinds of meat with cheese in it! He read that it was in the top 10 in the world for best sandwiches (i personally didn’t know that there was a top 10 for sandwiches) and we needed to find that sandwich. So we looked for it in Porto and Shane ordered it excitedly. When the sandwich was served we both were puzzled as it looked more like a tomato soup. It was a sandwich covered with cheese in a tomato sauce. But then we learned that the sauce wasn’t just a tomato, it was made with tomatoes, olive oil, onion, beef stocking and after it was boiled for a long time they add some other things and put it on the sandwich. When I asked whether they were doing this sandwich at home the waitress said Nooo it is very hard to do it we cannot really be bothered to do it! So these are the differences from Portuguese culture! Keep following us for exciting and fun news from different countries!

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