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Pic Paradis offers good hiking and views

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Pic Paradis - View 2 POTD

Pic Paradis is the tallest point on the island of St Martin, but is a bit out of the way from what everyone visiting the island does. To get there you have to drive up a rather small road that has a fairly indistinct turn off from the main road west of Marigot.

Pic Paradis - Where To GoThe drive up to the top is quite adventurous and makes you wonder if you are really at the top since it is so anti-climatic with just two driveways stopping your progress. This is where you actually start hiking and you will find the hidden path between the driveways.

Pic Paradis - View 1The interesting thing is the hike is quite pleasant and there is a very good chance you will be all by yourself, but there are really only two good places with a view. The first is on a small rock a couple hundred yards into the hike. The only other one I found was by climbing up an electrical tower a bit and getting a view that way even though I keep thinking “oh just around that bend” or “over the next rise” I will find a view.

One thing I did find a mile into the hike was what looked like a small farm with a shack built out of bits and pieces. I did not want to investigate to much since it appeared to be someone’s home, but maybe it was a get away, or hunting blind, or something else. Who knows. 🙂

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