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We did not expect much from Cascais, but we were wrong! by Melek

By November 21, 2017Europe, Portugal
Us in Cascais
50's American diner in Cascais

It was a treat to eat in this 50’s American diner

As part of our Portugal driving tour, after some time in Lisbon (we didn’t really fall in love with there) we drove to Cascais which is only a 30-minute drive away. We couldn’t believe how beautiful and different it is from Lisbon. I think people in Lisbon use this area as a getaway for the weekends.

We stayed in a very nice lady’s house at the outskirts of the town, but it was just a 10 minute drive and I did like using the kitchen and cooking ourselves diner there. Anyways, the town was absolutely gorgeous, a nice seaside town with beautiful seafood restaurants, a nice marina area which also had a fort and nice beaches in the town.  We went to the beach side for the sunset and was considering having a beach day here the next day, but as I walked into the water I was back to the shore in 5 seconds as IT WAS SO COLD! So, beach day was out from our list.

Presidential Palace in CascaisBut we did find a lot of things to do here, first we started the day by visiting the fort area, there was nothing much to see, but we walked up to the fort area with a beautiful view and on the way down we saw a cave kind of area where they kept prisoners back in the day. We saw a museum on the side of the forts courtyard, so we went in to see about it. A very nice lady said it is the palace of the president! My first reaction was I am ok not seeing another palace; you go in and see it Shane. But she started to explain it in a way that we both fell in love with the idea of seeing it.

I have to say as it is in use and furnished it was a beautiful place with nice sea view but what made it great was her explaining everything in a passionate way like it was her house and was loving every corner of it! We had an hour tour and we loved our time there. So, it is a must visit place in Cascais!

Mouth of Hell in Cascais

This is from the above the Mouth of Hell looking out to sea. I can totally imagine the power of the water that comes in during a storm.

After that we walked to the Mouth of Hell. As it was really hot at first, I thought about sitting at a café and waiting for him, but I also wanted to see what it was so I walked around 20 minutes with him. Turns out, it was a round hole in the cliffside where water was coming in with high pressure. On the other side, it was a small canyon area. It was very cool and of course Shane took me to the edge of the rocks to see more, which was a bit scary and I was afraid of falling down!

Palácio de Conde de Castro Guimarães

Palácio de Conde de Castro Guimarães

It was cool to check out the rocks and on the way back we had lunch at a very cute café looking over a natural channel where there was a beach and after that Shane wanted to check out an old house. [Shane – Palácio de Conde de Castro Guimarães was only built in 1898, but it is a very cool house and contains a nice collection of tapestries and furniture. It was built in the style of the Moroccan riads. Another cool thing to see is the Lighthouse Museum.]


Bridge in Cascais

We ate to the left of this bridge. Behind the photo is the house and in the background you can see the lighthouse.

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  • Pete and Cherry Stroup says:

    Looks like you had a great time, IT WOULD BE FUN TO SEE THE SIGHTS YOU HAVE POINTED OUT. Thanks so much for the interesting blogs.

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