My new love, Steve! by Melek

By November 1, 2017Misc stuff
Steve - With Melek
Steve - Carving A Pumpkin

Steve carving a pumpkin

Steve - Decorating

Steve putting up Halloween decorations

As it is Halloween time and I am enjoying the decorations so much, I would like to introduce you to Steve! We are having too much fun with him and he does love joining different activities. He works in the garden, goes for a walk, works on the computer. We like dancing and spending time together with Steve! I am planning on inviting Steve to the boat what do you think? 

[Shane – The friends who I stay with in Colorado each October, got a 5 foot plastic skeleton 4-5 years ago and named him Steve. Every year we all come up with different things for Steve to do and send photos of it to

Steve playing a game

Like all of us, Steve loves board games

Steve - Shoveling Snow

Steve is helpful also

each other. I love being part of this fun family tradition and now Melek is helping me come up with some. So until, next year I guess Steve has to go back in the closet…..Do you get it? A skeleton in the closet! Hahaha!]

Steve - Throwing Up

Steve partied way too hard last night!!!!

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