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My visit to Texas to see friends

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Dad, Mom, & Me

Birthday Party  Joel, Damon, and I dressed up Tanya & Jackie With Birthday WishesDad, Mom, & Me

As you read this I will be toward the beginning of three and a half week trip to Kyrgyzstan in central Asia and Norway in northern Europe, and of course I will be writing about my trip once I get back (look for the blogs starting around Oct 11th).

Before I flew overseas I spent three weeks in Texas, where I was born and raised. Of course it has been 23 years since I lived here, but I still like to come visit with a few friends and family I still have here and I would like to mention the most important one real quick. I even found some old photos of us, because who does not want to laugh at what I looked like as a kid.

Joel – He has been my best friend since I was just over a year old. When people say they have a friend for life I just laugh because they don’t know what it is really like! When I am here I usually spend a week or two at his place in College Station. This year is special because he got married a year ago May and this will be the first time I stayed with his FAMILY and his new babies, that’s why I decided to get a side by side baby strollers for them.

Damon – He is Joel’s older brother and I am just as close with him and his family. They have a daughter and son that are like a niece and nephew to me. The first two pictures are throw backs of us three. The first one I am around 10 and the second one I am 23 or 24.

Tanya – She was a very, very close friend in high school and we have stayed in touch. Through her I met her cousin Bora in college. Almost every time I am in town I go to dinner with both of them and their families. She is the one on the left in the third photo when we were around 18.

My parents – As many of you know they sold my childhood home at the beginning of 2013 and moved back to Missouri, but they drive down several times a year to see friends and family. I was lucky that I was here for one of those times. The fourth photo is us when I was just over a year old.

Phil and Chelsea – They were my youth sponsors at the church. The last several years I have stayed in one of their spare bedroom and am very grateful to them. In May of 2014 Phil and Damon came down for  week on the boat. Unfortunately I could not find an old photo of us.

Thank you to everyone mentioned and to those not mentioned. It was wonderful seeing each and every one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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