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A day on the boat

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Starting off the day at Sandy Cay Romance is in the waterFlipped out by the Guiding LightMy new best friend

By Lauren and Michael
We spent five days and four nights aboard the guiding light, and every day was wonderful. However, we wanted to describe our favorite day of the trip.
We woke up to gently lapping waves against the hull of The Guiding Light. Having stuck our head out the portholes, we could see the sun just coming over the hills of Jost Van Dyke, where we had moored for the night. Coffee was already waiting, French press coffee no less.
The morning was lazy, spent drinking coffee, reading on the bow, and eating a serve yourself style breakfast laid out by Captain Shane. When it was time to get underway, we motored over to an uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. No boats were allowed on the island, so we swam to shore to lay on the beach. Upon exploring the island, we came across a nature trail that led around the circumference of our small piece of land, going over bluffs that overlooked the seas, through forests of exotic plants, and past a tree that looked suspiciously like the tree of life.
While on this trail, we heard something fall to the ground. Looking in the underbrush, we realized that an egg had fallen from a nest in a nearby tree. Thinking that the wind had blown it down, and feeling some sadness for the broken egg, we were about to move on. However, just as we turned to continue the hike, we saw that the egg was shaking. As we continued to watch it, it became apparent that the egg wasn’t blown down, but instead, as the baby bird was in the process of hatching it had fallen out of the nest. We got to sit and watch the baby bird continue the process of hatching until it had fully freed itself from its shell.
Leaving the island, we stopped in a port, and picked up some needed supplies, primarily water for the indoor shower, a true necessity. While there, we also were able to pick up some Blue Bell ice cream, legitimately one of the best ice creams in the world. We ate lunch in the harbor, and then hoisted the main sail and unfurled the jib to set sail across the waters to do some snorkeling.
We snorkeled in crystal clear, azure water next to the rock formations known as The Indians, known for a steep underwater drop off and beautiful underwater caves. We got to see some incredible marine life, swim through coral archways, and climb on rocks jutting out of the ocean. We followed this with more snorkeling at The Caves, a series of flooded caves that we swam through.
After moving the boat a little ways, and getting cleaned up, appreciating the indoor shower all the while, we headed out in the dinghy to a nice dinner on the beach filled with seafood and local flavors. This dinner was followed by a Captain Shane famous cocktail on the boat, sipped while we lounged on the bow of the boat looking into the night sky, seeing more stars than the city can imagine.
Finally, we returned to our cabins, and were lulled to sleep by the lapping waves and our own exhaustion from a day well spent.



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