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Pearl of the Aegean Coast Marmaris! By Melek

By November 17, 2019Middle East, Photos, Turkey

I think if we had the best beach Oscars it would come out from either Marmaris or from Fethiye! As we are traveling along the Aegean coast of Turkey (so far we talked about, Foca, Cesme, Bodrum, Ephesus, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle), Kos island (Greece)) we moving towards the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the town of Marmaris. We are here for 2 reasons, first, it is close to Rhodes Islands in Greece (1 hour ferry ride) and second it actually does have beautiful beaches! Marmaris is a coastal town, a port city and a tourist destination on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the Mugla Province.

Marmaris is a stop by town for boaters and the sailing community also. Blue Voyage is a type of tourism and holiday particular to Turkey made by the traditional Gulets (Schooners) unique to Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean turquoise coasts. Daily boat tours can take you to many wonderful beaches but unfortunately we didn’t have time to do that.

The set of a movie, but they were not allowed to say which one they were filming

We stayed in the city for a night and next day took the ferry to Rhodes island [Shane – next blog], after returning we finished our trip with a very popular but tiny beach side town of Marmaris – Selimiye! It is not like Bodrum or Marmaris it is rather small but it has its fans! The places you’ll stay at are not going to be very luxuries, but in 5 steps from your bed you’re basically in the water. You can have your dinner on the water and in the morning wake up and just jump into the sea. This little town is designed for boaters as you can come with your boat or with your dinghy and enjoy your dinner or provide whatever you need from the supermarkets just located at the seaside. Although there are many fish & meze restaurants on our last night we preferred a local dish called Manti as it is Shane’s favorite!

If you need more information about Marmaris here is a useful link or just ask Shane!

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