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How many ugly boats can there be in the world? By Melek

By May 14, 2017Caribbean, St Barts
Big ugly boat in St Barts

Clearly St. Barts is a popular place for the rich and famous people, because as we sailed through I saw many expensive boats. After a while I started choosing the nice ones and ugly ones, because there was a particular black, funny looking one that neither of us liked.  It clearly was an expensive one, but I just couldn’t understand why a person would pay money for that kind of thing. I am sure it was quite luxurious and nice inside but who wants to see an ugly, black boat in between the lovely green and blue scene of the ocean and land!

In my opinion, another funny looking one is this trimaran? I am sure it is big and nice inside I just didn’t like the design of it! [Shane – It is as if the front half wants to be a monohull and the back wants to be a tri….weird]

Ugly tri in St Barts

Here is another one, which in my opinion looked nice and pretty!

Nice boat in St Barts

But finally, I have to announce the best one I have seen yet. It is the Guiding Light. First, it’s our home and second this boat is more than enough for 2 people!

Guiding Light

Btw, I am quite excited to have some company on the boat next week that we can sail together! Yeayyy! [Shane – We have 2 paying crew coming for two weeks at the end of our time in Antigua & Barbuda, which we will be writing about soon. To find out how you can crew on the Guiding Light as we cruise the Caribbean again next year, check out the chartering page.]

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