If you want to partake in beach bars and a very cool and fun party scene then the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a great place to visit. Almost every island has a nice anchorage with a beach bar or restaurant and mooring balls for your convenience. It is the “charter capital of the world” for good reason, but with that said if you want to have solitude and quite anchorages to enjoy nature this is not necessarily the best choice.

I have come up with several alternative locations for different things people look for and that will be way less crowded than in the BVI. This list will be spread out over several days, so with that said here we go!

BEACHES – Who doesn’t like a great beach? The BVI has some amazing ones from White Bay with the Soggy Dollar, Cane Garden Bay, Sandy Cay, and Anegada to just name a few. These are all great, but what about some with solitude when you visit?

Cinnamon Bay – This gem on St John is one bay over from the famous Trunk Bay. This is where the National Park Service campground is located. It attracts a very different traveler than the day trippers at Trunk Bay. In fact if you swim a couple hundred yards (or walk over the rocks) to the west from Cinnamon Bay you can find a beach that is wonderful and usually empty.

Cinnamon Bay

The wonderful NPS beach on St John.

Frenchman Beach – This beach is on the south side of St Thomas. It used to be an unspoiled stretch of beach outside the Charlotte  Amalie Harbor, where you could be the only boat anchored. Over the last year a beach bar has been built there, so you get a fun relaxed day at a beach bar and you will still most likely be the only boat in the anchorage.

West Coast of Vieques – This beach in the Spanish Virgin Islands and is not maintained at all and is a wonderful mix of great shade, good sand, and rustic appearance. You will find palm trees uprooted and sticks laying around. What you will not find is trash or people making it an idyllic location.

 West coast of Veiques

Check out this amazing beach on Vieques!

I hope this blog is intriguing you and you will come back on Tuesday when I will talk about snorkeling and adventure spots.

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