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I had another wonderful day on Mayreau Island

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Mayreau POTD

After sailing to Blue Lagoon on St Vincent to drop off the couple who sailed down from Nevis and explored Mustique Island with me, turn the boat around, and pick up my last charter of the season we sailed to Bequia and then onto Mayreau.

I love the Salt Whistle Bay anchorage on the north shore of the island and was excited to show it off to the three ladies I had aboard. To say it did not disappoint is an understatement. As beautiful as the anchorage was it was when we met Cameron, a 28 year old local guy, on our walk through town that made the day. He simply started walking up the hill to town the same time we did and was so friendly and helpful as he proudly showed off his island. I felt like we met every single person in town as he introduced this family member and that family member (remember small island). At first I was skeptical and though he was just showing us around to ask for a tip, but the more I got to know him the more I realized he was just proud of his island and a really nice guy.

It turns out he does offer beach BBQs over in the Tobago Cays and we happily welcomed his offer to set one up for us, but I am going to wait to tell you about that in a couple days, so make sure to join me again. In the mean time we finished the day at the Salt Whistle Resort with a cocktail, hammock, and lounging in beach chairs. Talk about relaxing…..and we still needed to go back to the boat for the drink of the day. 🙂

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