Hey taxi!!!! (Moroccian taxi cabs)

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Mahkama du Pacha hallway

Taxis in Morocco drive me crazy! We got out of the airport in Casablanca and a guy came to us and said taxi? We said yes please, how much? He said 300 dirham and we said ok and he took us to a taxi which wasn’t even his and asked for a tip from us and we kind of had to give it to him! We got into the taxi and asked again how much and the driver said 400 dirham! We told him we agreed with the other guy for 300, so why does it change? We couldn’t understand each other (he spoke in French and we spoke in English), but I made it clear that I wasn’t going to give anything more! I am glad that there are gestures to explain yourself when in a country where you don’t know the language and they don’t know English! ( I don’t mean bad gestures by the way, as Shane is laughing away at the moment by making some hand gestures, haha). [Shane – I knew what she meant, but I could see people taking it as bad ones, haha]

So, every time we get a taxi, they just charge you as they want! The hotel will say it costs 40 dirham to there and we get a taxi and he says 100 and then goes down to 50! The difference is not that much thinking of the dirham against dollar, but it is still annoying that there is not a fixed fee or a meter to go by! But none of it was as bad as the guy in western Sahara saying that he will take us to the restaurant we wanted to go to, but took to other ones he knew and finally asked 4 times more than he first asked for! Also apparently what they do is they tell you a price if you don’t give change they say they say they don’t have change and keep it like it happened to us in Casablanca this time! I love the country, but I don’t appreciate the changing prices especially after you got into the taxi!

Casablanca mosque at night

Casablanca mosque at night

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