Hey everyone, Happy Halloween! by Melek

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USA - Melek, Bella, & I In Costume

Unfortunately, we do not celebrate Halloween in Turkey, I lived in the U.K for 3 years, but I don’t think it was a big deal there as it is here. We might have been to a party where we had drinks mostly but here in US it is a BIG thing!

USA - Pumplin Carvings

Shane is making sure that I live the spirit of Halloween. He is taking me to stores to see all the stuff available and around the city. I love how all the houses and different places are decorated.

I have already attended a couple of parties also. At one there was a pumpkin carving contest. I chose an easier pattern and carved an alien. It was a fun activity and I got third place (of course the first place was Shane’s). My brother asked whether there were only 3 people (just in case you might also think that). There were around 8 carvings, so I didn’t do too bad ????.

USA - Melek & I In CostumeIn the second party I was dressed up as a flamingo. I enjoyed seeing the different costumes and having candies, chocolates and cakes all around (Shane enjoys candy more and he does act like a kid and eats all of it).

I am excitedly waiting for tonight for the kids to come trick or treating! I have to say I love Halloween here and it is a BIG deal, I just love it, tomorrow we will also be throwing a kids party thanks to http://www.jumpersjungle.com/las-vegas/, they do the best kids birthday parties in Las Vegas!

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