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Fort Milford is a small historic site with an amazing view

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On Sunday I wrote all about Store Bay on the west end of Tobago and I told you Fort Milford was located here and we would check it out today. I also put a photo of the small fort yesterday as the photo of the day.

Well here we are at today and Fort Milford stand to be explored! It was built in 1777 by the British just in time to stop the American privateer “Oliver Cromwell” from plundering the area during the American Revolution. Of course, it did not stop the French from conquering the island in 1781 and staying until 1793. During this time, they used the fort to defend the west coast of the island. Finally, the British recaptured the island and it has been in their hands since then until Independence.

All that is left of this small fort is one curved wall and six cannons. The interesting thing is that 5 of the cannons are British and one is French. The government has done a great job of turning the remains of this small historic fort into a wonderful little landscaped park and it is a great place to look out over the sea and to watch the sun dip below the horizon.

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