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Exhilarating thrilling moments while Sailing

By June 13, 2017 No Comments
Montserrat - Freighter

As many of you know, you don’t really get any exciting moments while sailing other than seeing other boats and if you`re luckily some dolphins might come to say hi. [Shane – Bob Bitchin from Cruising Outpost says sailing is 90% pure boredom followed by 10% of insane chaos]

As we always check for other boats, this time while sailing towards Montserrat we saw a huge ship. It was a big freighter and it was approaching towards us from the starboard side. For a while we watched whether we would be close to having a dangerous situation and didn’t worry so much. But as we approached each other we realized that it was huge and we all got excited (me and our guests). Shane was trying to reach the boat to check whether they were able to see us, but there was no reply! We were all excited but of course not worried as if there was anything dangerous Shane would know what to do!

Finally, after 10-15 min trying to reach them (we first tried to find out the name of the boat with binoculars) they replied. Their reply was quite funny, although we called the name of the boat, as we said freighter they couldn’t understand why we called them freighter and didn’t reply! That was worth it, we all started laughing. They said they had seen us and no problem so we went to the bow to take some photos of this huge freighter!

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