Diamond Rock is amazing looking

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On the south coast of Martinique you will find Diamond Rock, which is an extremely prominent feature as it sits a mile from the main island and the water is 200+ feet deep all around it. Most people scuba dive Diamond Rock with a local dive company (by law you can only scuba with a local guide), but in mid March my charter got lucky, because the winds and waves laid down and they had the opportunity to snorkel the north side of Diamond Rock.

They said it was pretty cool and the way it dropped off right away was impressive. They stayed on the surface, but they could see caves, arches, and overhangs that would make this an amazing place to scuba dive. All said they ended up snorkeling halfway around while I hovered nearby with the Guiding Light. There are actually a few mooring balls, but they all seem to be for 20-25 foot boats because they are way closer to shore than I would want to be. đŸ™‚

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