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Dave’s playlist through the Virgin Islands

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As my wife and I headed through the airport terminal celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, we noticed a similarity of all the destinations of outgoing flights from the terminal gates we passed.  We walked passed Aruba, Montego Bay, Key Largo, etc. I commented to my wife, as we were leaving 12 degree weather, that I believe there has been a song written for each destination we passed.  In that vein, I would add a version of song lyrics for each day we sailed with Shane on the Guiding Light through the Virgin Islands.  If you have been on a charter with Shane, you probably have your own versions:

Day One (Weather change from 12 degrees and snow to 80 degrees and sunshine on bow of the Guiding Light):

There ain’t to many times, I feel like a king, but sittin’ here with you dear makes me want to sing.  Today the sun is shinin’ on me; sittin’ with my feet in the breeze ain’t sweating the little things; and who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring; but today the sun is shining on me.

Jerrod Niemann; Shinin’ on Me

Day Two:

When the sun’s at his back and the wind in his face it’s just him and the wheel, he wouldn’t take a million for the way it makes him feel…boats – vessels of freedom, harbors of healing – boats…

Went home that night and told his wife, you can tell all your friends.  It’s been real but it ain’t been fun, were gonna get us one of them boats; vessels of freedom, harbors of healing – boats.

Kenny Chesney, Boats

Day Three (A night at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke):

Gonna wear my dancing shoes out tonight, gonna have myself a big time again tonight.

John Mellencamp, Again Tonight

Day Four (Open water sailing and the locals on St. John):

It was early one morning on Playa Del Carman that’s when I first met Jose; he had a 12 foot scooner, three foot cooler full of the catch of the day. He was wrinkled from grinnin’ from all the sun he had been in, he was barefoot Cervase in hand, he said “gracias senor” when I paid him too much for all the snapper he had.

I told him my friend it ain’t nothing in the best broken Spanish I knew. I said I make a good living back home where I’m from, he smiled and said amigo me to;

He said, “I fish, I play my guitar, I laugh at the bar with my friends, I go home to my wife, I pray every night, I can do it all over again.”

Somewhere over Texas, I thought of my Lexus and all the stuff I work so hard for, and all the things that I’ve gathered from climbing that ladder didn’t make much sense anymore;  they say my nest egg ain’t ready to hatch yet, they keep holding my feet to the fire, they call it paying the price so that one day in life I’ll have what I need to retire…and just fish, play my guitar thanks to the guitar lessons lincoln I took, laugh at the bar with my friends, go home to my wife, pray every night that I can do it all over again.

Kenny Chesney; The Life

Day Five:

Come on and let good time roll, we gonna stay here till we sooth our soul, if it take all night long.  One more time, come on and let the good time roll, we gonna stay here til’ we sooth our souls if it take all night long.  Gotta tell you.  Evening sun is sinking low, the clock on the wall say it’s time to go, I got my plans I don’t know about you, I tell you exactly what I’m gonna do.  Get in the groove and let the good time roll.  I’m gonna stay here til’ I soothe my soul.  If it takes all night long.

Sam Cook; Good Times

Day Six (Back to cold weather):

Sounds so good, it’s got me thinking.  What do you all say after I’m done singing, we just take a little get away, cruising down the A1A; Florida, Bama to the Keys, better keep your eye on me…I’ll go coastal on you.  I’ll go coastal on you…

Kenny Chesney; Coastal

Thanks for the all the great memories Shane!  Looking forward to going “coastal” soon!

Dave and Tamara

Virgin Islands

February, 2013

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