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City of Love, Rome! By Melek

By December 26, 2017Europe, Italy, Vatican City
Italy - Rome - Trevi Fountain 3

Italy - Rome - Castel St. Angelo - UsRome is the City of Love and there is something about it which makes you feel like you need to keep going there again… I came to Rome 3 years ago and at the Fountain de Trevi (Love Fountain) I threw a coin in and wished for love and to come to me and to come back to Rome with the one I love! Funny thing is the fountain was under renovation and it was empty. My friends made fun of me saying that it’s no good to throw a coin into an empty fountain! But it worked since I made it back this year with the person I love!

I feel like Rome is a really special place as the city is full of history, many places provide you romantic scenes (I love being at the top of the Castel St. Angelo), and they have yummy Gelato! If only we had a hammock at the hotel.

On top of St Peter's Basilica

On top of St Peter’s Basilica

Also, Vatican City is just so wonderful as even a full day is not enough to see everything and I wouldn’t mind visiting each time I am in Rome! So, if you’re in Rome spare at least a day for Vatican City! Three years ago, I didn’t arrange the tickets beforehand and that’s why my friend and I needed to wait for two hours to get into the museums on a very hot day. This time Shane got the tickets online, but he did something on top of the basic museum entrance, we got a tour to see the Necropolis (underground graves which were recently discovered). Last time my only wish was to be able to see some different places of Vatican City which is not open to basic tour. It happens that Shane also wanted to do that, so he bought the tickets to the Necropolis as well!

Necropolis of Vatican City

In the Necropolis you can see graves, tombs, and skeletons

We had to go early for the tour (that’s why I chose a hotel nearby to Vatican City, it was a simple five-minute walk ????) and there were only 15 people on the tour with us. I liked that we did the tour no one else is normally doing and it did have a mysterious feeling to it as well!

It was mostly different graves from different times and you can tell which ones belonged to poor people and to rich ones! I guess if you’re rich you even get a nice grave site with decorations. I did expect we were going back into the Vatican from a secret passage, but I guessed I was under the effect of the movie Angels & Demons. ????

Vatican Museum's angels

These angels are in the Vatican Museum. I loved them because my name means Angel.

Shane is writing about Rome and Vatican City, but I want to tell you about must do’s in Rome!
-See the sunset from the roof of St. Angelo Castle
-Visit Vatican City and take some of the semi-private tours to see different areas
-Go to the streets behind Piazza Novano to have a nice dinner with good wine on the lively streets!
-Oh, If you’re after Love don’t forget to make a wish at Fountain de Trevi (you’re supposed to throw the coin with right hand through your left shoulder apparently 😉


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