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Cesme – Izmir came with a surprise! By Melek

By November 10, 2019Middle East, Turkey

Continuing our trip on the Aegean coast we drove from Foca (you can read the blog about Foca from here) towards Izmir and than to Cesme (which is around an hour drive from İzmir). Cesme is a very popular touristic place in Turkey and I have to say is a very expensive one! It has a big marina, very good beaches and cute houses as well as very good night life!

Ilica beach has thermal water as well, that’s why it is warmer than the other beaches. Alacati is the district of Cesme (10 min away from it) and is well known for Wind Surfing.

As I tried to plan our trip to Cesme it was pretty full, so I was going to show it to Shane and drive to our next stop. But, Shane had a surprise which I spoiled again (I have this thing about learning surprises before hand). He already arranged the hotel for Cesme, but with me trying to arrange the next stop he had to tell. There are many 5 star and good hotels but 3 of them are really popular, Sheraton Cesme, Radisson Blu and Ilica Hotel. Guess what? Shane booked one of these and we stayed in Cesme. Our hotel had an Aquapark so as soon as we checked in we ran to the Aquapark and played. After that we tried the pool and the sea but Shane found the sea water too cool [Shane – darn Caribbean water has spoiled me, haha]. It was a short stay but we enjoyed the luxury a lot. The breakfast buffet was so big that it took us half an hour to fill our plates 🙂 Turkish breakfast is already big but these hotels do exaggerate it a bit!

Izmir and Cesme has a special food that is only made there called Kumru. It is like a sandwich with 2 different sausages, cheese, pickles and tomatoes, Shane tried that as well (Shane did you like it?). [Shane – oh boy was it good!!!!]

You can read more about Cesme from this link

It was a relaxing day with some swimming, eating and resting, before we head to Selcuk and see Ephesus! Very excited about that. [Shane – coming tomorrow]

For those who hasn’t read the previous blogs, we are talking about our trip along the Aegean coast of Turkey, we started with Foca – İzmir, now at Cesme / İzmir, heading to Ephesus, after that Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) and to Bodrum and some Greek Islands.

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