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Can you live on a boat? by Melek

By October 15, 2017Cruising
Melek saves the day

I guess it was 10 years ago I was thinking about living on a boat. I didn’t really have a particular reason for that, since I had only sailed with on a boat on the Agean Coast of Turkey for 3 weeks. After that though, I loved boats, but I never was on a boat. I think my reason about thinking of living on a boat was mainly due to paying high rent in Istanbul and living on a boat sounded cheaper at the time and since I already purchased some boatlifts for the boat so it was perfect. Of course, when people told me I  could not possibly fit my more than 100 pairs of shoes https://shoeadviser.com from and huge amount of clothes aboard, I changed my mind.

I ended up living on a boat this year with Shane for about 2 months (he says I did well), but I do have some notes for you:

-If you’re gonna live on a boat the fırst thing you need to know is that you have limited resources, so be careful about using water – you will not have the same luxury of using unlimited water when taking shower (although being an environmental engineer I am always careful about water)

-Toilets! Very different than the ones we use in homes – not flushing was an interesting thing, which took time for me to get used to

-Water, yes you are surrounded with water, but you don’t really want the salt water or sand in the cabins.

-Food – If you’re sailing around, you need to plan well and know what will you cook for the next week as you might not be able to pop around to a supermarket at any time you need!

These are not really disadvantages! These are only things to keep in mind! But still, being on the sea and the ability to jump into water any time is just great! Also Shane’s drink of the day is a perfect way to watch the sunsets!

I do love sailing and life on a boat, how about you?

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