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I am so happy on the Guiding Light

If you’re going on a cruise around the Caribbean with a boat like Guiding Light let’s see what you should pack when you’re getting ready!

Suitcases – First of all, do not bring too many clothes if possible as you are not going to need everything you bring. Duffle bags are your best choice, since it is going to be hard to store 6 people’s suitcases and it takes up space in the cabin. If possible bring less clothes and duffle bags, as they are easy to store.

Clothing – As I was telling you above you do not need too many clothes especially if it is a week long charter. Mostly swimsuits, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts would do. As there are some nice bars and restaurants around the islands 1-2 summer dresses could be nice to have but even there people mostly wear a shorts and a t-shirt. High heels do not make any sense as most of the bars and restaurants are on the beach, but a pair of platform sandals could work.

Cosmetics and Sunscreen – We provide towels, shampoo and conditioner (unless you have a special shampoo). Some hair care spray or product could be nice to bring as sea water effects hair. Of course, sunscreen is a must, but don’t worry it can be picked up on island as part of your provisions.

Food & Drinks – Some foods are hard to find around the Caribbean but we do send you a preference sheet and would like to know what you prefer; fish, steaks or other things. That’s very helpful for us as Shane cooks 3 dinners per week plus bakes homemade bread for lunch sandwiches. Shane also does a drink of the day every day and it is the best time of the day!

Fun! – Shane is a very good guide and at each island he takes you to the best spots. You can go hiking with him, cliff jumping, snorkeling the best places and even swim with turtles. We have board games and love playing them if you like board games as well!

To find out more come down to the islands and meet us in person and have the best experience of your life!
For any more question you have contact us from shane@svguidinglight.com

Who is going to win?

Who is going to win?

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