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Bodrum – Little Istanbul by Melek

By November 14, 2019Middle East, Turkey

Bodrum is one of the most preferred vacation paradises of Turkey, with it’s 5 star expensive holiday resorts, vivid night life and wonderful beaches. The reason I call Bodrum Little Istanbul is in summer time you can find everyone from Istanbul in Bodrum. Rich people have their huge houses here and even if you don’t have a house people like visiting one of the popular and expensive resorts here. (We didn’t do that as staying in a hotel for 5 days is not for me and Shane). One thing about Bodrum is all the houses must be painted in white, as some of them include the color blue, it gives it a look of Greek towns which are mostly known by its blue and white colors.

Due to the structure of the Aegean coast, Bodrum has many little bays which are much different then each other. Torba, Gumbet, Akyarlar, Gumusluk, Turgutreis, Yalikavak, Gundogan, Golturkbuku and many other bays of which even I cannot remember of the names provides the best vacation options. Of course if you’re on the Aegean coast you shouldn’t miss trying Meze (little vegetable and fish dishes to try different tastes, like Tapas in Spain) with Raki (aniseed drink which has clear color and when you add water it turns to white). Traditionally you listen classical Turkish music, enjoy eating these wonderful dishes with little sips of Raki at least for 2-3 hours.

If you ever visit Bodrum dont miss the chance of visiting Bodrum Castle which has a wonderful location and many materials found from shipwracks. Unfortunately we missed, or lets say forgot about, visiting the King Mausolous’ Tomb (4th century B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and Shane is still going on about it as we stayed 2 streets down from that 🙁 [Shane – Whoops. Even I slip up every now and then :)]

Generally Bodrum streets are narrow and all season starting from June till October they are full of people. The reason we went to Bodrum is a little different from most people. As Kos island (Greek) is around an hour boat ride away from Bodrum, I wanted to take Shane so he can see Greece for the first time (yes he added another country onto his list and every day I am losing my chance of catching him). So we stayed in Bodrum that the next day we could take the morning ferry and come back in the evening. [Shane – I will write about Kos island in the next blog]

 In the evening we drove to TurgutReis to meet with my friends (the bay which is around 30 min drive from Bodrum center and it is quieter and nicer) and also to go to Gumusluk. Of course Shane liked Turgutreis more as it is quieter than the city center and I am guessing he loved Gumusluk more due to its colorful restaurants right at the beach and tiny cute streets. There is an island very close to the bay – more like a big rock) which we used to be able to walk to, but apparently they just found out that there were ruins under it (they even found a church ruin) so it is not allowed now! He tried a wonderful dessert of a chocolate cake and berry fruit mixture and we enjoyed our quiet and romantic night there… [Shane – the desserts are to die for!!!!]

If you would like to read about Bodrum more you can try to check it out from this web site

Bodrum even has songs written for it if you would like to listen click here for Bodrum Bodrum song!

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