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Boat life verse city life by Melek

By April 24, 2018Cruising
Melek at the KC Library

I am now back in Istanbul. After spending a long time with the boat life I thought I would love to be back in a city. I do like Istanbul and living here, but some parts of living on a boat makes it really hard to adapt back to this life!

First of all, I am finding it hard to wear shoes! 🙂 Shane was telling me before he doesn’t like wearing shoes. He was walking around barefoot and I was forcing him to put on some type of footwear. But, now that’s a pretty hard thing for myself (I am sure he is laughing now as he reads it). [Shane – for the record….I am….so much :)]

Secondly, the quite life on a boat was great and the stress level was very low. Since Istanbul is a hectic city, finding quite moments can be hard!

Also, of course, when you’re on a boat you need less things, especially clothing! I liked just wearing bikinis and a t-shirt!

I think now that I have the boating virus in my blood it is going to be hard to keep away from this life style!

PS – of course there are many things I like about being in Istanbul. I missed my friends and Turkish food! I am so lucky that all my friends are either cooking the things I like just for me or going out to my favorite restaurants!


  • Diana Sell says:

    Melek. We miss you! And the boat life. Even though we were only with you and Shane for a week- we were in “hook line and sinker”. So to speak. Enjoy the city. Live love and laugh With friends. The beauty of it is that you have some wonderful options.

    The Sell family

  • phil says:

    great to see your post… welcome back to Turkey. Miss you,
    your Cook family in Dallas

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