Beautiful Malaga – A great stop I almost missed!

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Picasso artwork in Malaga
Malaga Alcazaba model

Model of the Alcazaba in Malaga showing how it went up the hill.

Today we left Algeciras (where Gibraltar is located) and started driving towards Antequera, which we planned to use as a base to our day trips in southern Spain. Before we headed out, Melek read some stuff on line and suggested we stop in Malaga, since it was on the way. Malaga was founded around 770 BC by the Phoenicians and is now the 6th largest city in Spain.

This city is by the sea side and is very lively. It has a beautiful castle called an Alcazaba (a name from the Arab era meaning citadel)! It was built during the 11th century and is one of the best-preserved forts from the time the Arabs (or Moors) ruled Spain and Portugal. After 800

Roman Theater and Alcazaba in Malaga

Looking at the Roman theater and the Alcazaba behind it.

years of Arab rule, it was recaptured in 1487 by Ferdinand and Isabella right before Christopher Columbus’s voyage and the rise of the Spanish Empire.

Right next to the Alcazaba is a Roman Amphitheatre built in the 1st century BC and a salted fish factory from the 4th century AD. Neither is in spectacular shape, but they are still there and visible. The theatre is in the open next to the wall and the factory is under a boardwalk with a glass pyramid over it.

Picasso home in Malaga

Picasso home in Malaga

Did you know Pablo Picasso was born in this city in 1881? Neither did we and even though we are not huge fans of his work, we visited both the Picasso Museum to see his art, and also went to the flat where he was born (now the whole building belongs to the Picasso Foundation).

Inside the Picasso house

Inside the Picasso house

There is also the Málaga Cathedral, built in the Renaissance style over a period of 250 years starting in 1528. It was beautiful on the outside, but we decided not to go into as we were running out of time and need to get moving.

I am so glad we stopped in Malaga on our way to Antequera (which I will write about next). Way to go Melek!!!!!

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