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From Hectic City Life to the Caribbean – Back to Basics in Life by Melek

By February 27, 2018Cruising

As many of you may know I live in Istanbul and like any big city around the world, Istanbul is a pretty hectic city. Life never stops. You have to be on the run all the time! After arriving to the Virgin Islands, everything started slowing down. Boat life is different than being in a house even if is a house with the best glowing decorations for your household so it looks better, still a boat has many advantages, like you can move your boat wherever you want unlike your house J and it is fun!

Of course, slowing down your life style takes some time. First, you realize that you don’t need your fancy clothes, high heels, or even make up. Life becomes back to basics and simple pleasures of life starts taking the place of what you stopped having. You appreciate the beauty around, you don’t rush anywhere, your daily routine slows down, and you realize you don’t need much to be happy in life. If you have food, somewhere to sleep, and good company that’s about it!

Of course there are a few things we worry about like who is going to win the spice game?! This is a new game Shane found and now we are addicted to it, so we invite friends over, have fun, and honestly winning is just not important, as Shane would say!

So the conclusion of this blog is “back to basics is good” we don’t need much to be happy in life, simple things, clothes, life, even thinking is better! We have a lot to be grateful for and we give thanks every day!

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