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Aveiro – The Venice in Portugal? By Melek

By November 30, 2017Europe, Portugal
Boat ride in Aveiro, Portugal
small passage in Aveiro

This is a turn you want to make sure you have space to enter

We read about Aveiro on some travel sites and it was introduced as a small Venice, so we got curious and said let’s check it out! It is a small and cute town with of course nice cafes and restaurants. As far as we know there are not many historic buildings, so it is more worthy of a half day tour or maximum a day tour. Aveiro was a major port until the 16th century when a massive storm surge raised a sandbar along the present-day edge of the lagoon. This storm not only blocked the port but also bread diseases in the stagnant water and in less than 20 years the population was cut in half. Aveiro remained inaccessible to the sea until a channel was dug in the 19th century.

 As soon as we got into the city the canals and the colorful boats on the canals got our attention and we said why should we try to see it by foot, let’s take a boat ride. They provided information in many languages and we had a nice lady to tell us about everything. As we were the only couple asking questions and making jokes, after a while she started talking to us more. ???? The tour is around an hour long and where some canals are wider, some are very narrow. At some parts, as only one boat can pass sometimes they stop at a corner and honk first to make sure there is no other boat coming.

Old factory in Aveiro

The best part of touring the canals by boat is thatthe guide points out different buildings like this old ceramic factory.

It is a good way to see the city and it is quite fun (we might have created our own entertainment like when passing under a bridge Shane was trying to reach & touch a bridge). At one part, you can see salt extracted from the canals and piled up on the side. It was a good and enjoyable day, but as there was not a lot of things to do, we decided to head to our next destination after having a waffle from the shops alongside the river.

If you’re passing by Aveiro, you might want to check it out!

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