At home in the Berry Islands

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We spent this week relaxing in the Berry Islands.  As you read at the end of last week we spent a couple of days anchored off of Chub Cay.  This was a private club where people paid $15K annually for the right to use the club pool (see 1st photo), beaches, and facility.  You could also buy a house and dock space.  It went belly up and now cruisers are welcome to walk around and use the pool for free (it is for sale at $39 million).  We also had a very nice snorkel at Mama Rhoda Rock and I speared a chub (now one of my top three favorites) and a mahogany snapper. My mother is in Winnipeg right now and I hired home health care for her from Partners for Home in Winnipeg, she really likes it so I can recommend them. I also bought her mobility scooters so that she can move around.

On Sunday we motored into the prevailing winds in order to get to the eastern side of the islands and spent two days at Little Harbour Cay.  There is not much on this cay except for a house ruin on the southern end (there is a trail from the beach) and Flo’s Conch Bar, which has been listed as a place you must stop.  Unfortunately, Flo past away in October and her son is now running the place.  The food was good, but I think a lot of the atmosphere went with her and places like this are all about atmosphere.  We had a nice anchorage next to Lizard Cay (see photo) because the one right at Flo’s has shoaled up.

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On Tuesday we went a grand total of five miles to Hoffman’s Cay with a stop at Devil’s Cay in the middle.  As soon as we had the anchor down the first time two fishermen came by asking for a quart of oil.  In return they gave us four snappers and a hogfish, my #1 fish (see photo).  We then walked the southern shore of Devil’s cay enjoying the beach, shelling, and relaxing in chairs someone stocked there.  We then dinghied to Big Gaulding Cay (the island right here are very close together) and relaxed under the palm trees, enjoyed the pocket beach, and explored a small cave.  The next day we went the 100 yards to shore and enjoyed Hoffman’s Blowhole.  Each hole is unique and this one is rimed with a 20 foot high cliff, but there is a hidden trail going under the ledge.  This means you can dive off the cliff, get out in a cave like area, and walk back up to do it again.  After some lunch we dinghied north to the next beach and found a path, with a huge spider web across it (see photo), taking us across to the ocean side.  Here we found a large rock outcropping separating two coves with beaches.  I found the surf crashing to be mesmerizing.

On Thursday we sailed all the way around the northern end of the islands and came in on the west side to get to Great Harbor Cay and Bullocks Harbor Settlement.  Once here I had a class on coastal navigation for Paul & Nancy and then we enjoyed the friendliness of the natives, did some laundry, bought a bit of gas, and walked around the settlement.  We ended the week exploring the surrounding area with two ship wrecks and a plane wreck.

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