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Aegean Dream! By Melek

By November 7, 2019Middle East, Turkey

Turkey has coasts on the Black Sea (north part of Turkey facing towards Russia), Aegean Sea on the west coast in between Turkey and Greece, and on the south coast is the Mediterranean Sea. The Black Sea region is very green and is famous for tea and hazelnut production, and is the cooler part of Turkey. While the Mediterranean Sea region is very hot and humid, where it can get up to 45- 48 degrees centigrade in summer (I am from Antalya which is on this coast). The Aegean coast, on the other hand, is cooler than the Mediterranean region and has a nice breeze and cooler water temperature.

I have been wanting to do a trip around the Aegean & Mediterranean coast with Shane and started seeing some parts of it 2 years ago when we visited from Canakkale, the Dardanelles, Troy and to the Assos Ruins.

The Aegean coast is pretty popular for Turks, many other countries, and the sailing community. You can find all shades of blue and many popular and secluded beaches that blends the sea with greenry so well that it heals your soul. One interesting and attractive part of the Turkish coast is that many Greek islands are very close to the Turkish coast. Of course, one other important part of these coasts, and Turkey in generally, is wherever you go you’ll find an ancient city and ruins! 2 reasons of us wanting to do this trip was Ephesus, which is a beautiful ancient city and ruins, and Pamukkale, which is translated into English as cotton castle!

There are many popular cities and towns on the Aegean Coast, but also you can find many cute towns that takes you away from the worries of life and makes you feel like life is just perfect! During this trip I showed Shane some little resorts from Izmir, Bodrum and Marmaris which in the upcoming posts we’ll share and, of course, we checked out 2 out of 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and 3 World Heritage Sites! So make sure you follow the svGuidingLight blogs, where I will tell more fun part of the travel and Shane will provide all the historic part of it as well as some useful information. Shane also provides you the opportunity to guide you through these areas! Stay tuned to learn more!

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