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Aegean coast trip Starts with Foca @ Izmir! By Melek

By November 8, 2019Middle East, Turkey

Foca is a very little fisherman town close by to Izmir (around 40 min drive). I quite like this cute little town as it is quieter than the other towns and not very touristic. There is a Turkish community which came from Crete and Thessaloniki here during the exchange program in between Greece and Turkey. [Shane – this happened in 1922 or so right after WW1 and the formation of the Turkish Republic] My roots are also from Crete and I like talking to local people here as everybody is so welcoming and talkative. When I first visited here I was surprised by locals just saying welcome as you walk by and even invite you to dinner saying we’ll eat whatever there is together! In the hectic work life I would always make time to run away to this little town to rest and regenerate.

Foca is not visited by international tourists, only some Turkish tourists who likes quiet and little towns like me, so it is not crowded and life here slows down. Foca is also famous for its Mediterranean Seals (Monachus monachus), which are under preservation. Actually the city took its name from the seals and you can find some information about this little town from this link http://www.allaboutturkey.com/foca.htm.

Foca is famous with its traditional stone houses, they are so wonderful and makes you feel like moving and settling here. There is not much to do other than fishing, swimming and eating but I think that’s what makes it perfect. There is a homemade ice cream shop, all natural and without additives and the must try one is Gummy Ice Cream (the Aegean Coast has gum/mastic trees and that’s why you can find ice cream with this taste only here). Of course Shane loved it and every time we passed by he had some! (He is crazy about ice cream and he can even ask for ice cream while he is eating one). [Shane – but, but, nope I got nothing! :)]

The main reason we visited this town was I liked it and after arriving at the Izmir airport it is close by and 1 night here gives you some good rest time! So coming up after this blog is Cesme & Alacati one of the most popular vacation places of Turkey as well as famous with wind surfing!

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