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Adventure Mode ON – Biking in Barbuda! By Melek

Us biking in Barbuda

Our second stop on our cruise through the Leeward Islands was Barbuda. Actually it is his third and my second one, if you want to know why I say that read the blogs about Sombrero Island that started on Apr 30th. We arrived at a beautiful turquoise beach and anchored! The next day we went to explore the town of Codrington and surroundings. Of course, our perfect guide Shane bought a book, read it, and made notes of where to go and how to get there! What we didn’t know was how the day was going to progress.

Riding with goats in Barbuda

Shane is herding goats with his bike 🙂

So, in the morning we left early and got on the dinghy and went the shore! Just when I got up to get out of the dinghy a wave hit hard and I was all wet! Then we needed to get the dinghy up the beach and out of the water, but it was hard since the dinghy is kind of heavy. As we were trying hard our guide George came looking for us and luckily with his help we got the dinghy out! We had our bikes with us as Shane thought it was good idea to explore the town by bikes and we could go to some of the places we wanted to see easily. Also we had a tour arranged with George to go see frigate birds! As there is a lagoon in between the beach we are at and the town, George took us with his boat to the town.

Melek biking in Barbuda

“Shane, are we there yet?”

After checking in at customs (which was an interesting one, I think Shane will mention more about that) we were ready to explore. According to Shane`s plans there were some caves to see on the east part of the island. We started cycling there and after just 5 minutes we heard a loud pop and there was a blow out on my tire! Trying to figure out what to do on an empty street two kids came on a bike! I tried trading my bike with his (it was a bit small but I would be just fine), but Shane didn’t think it was a fair trade. ???? The kids said they could help and took him to someone that could repair it! Which turn out that it was a guy who happened to have tires in his house. ???? So I waited in the shade and my hero came back with a new tire!

We cycled, cycled and cycled…. It was hot as we were doing it at noon time and trying to find the way with the explanations of locals. After a while there was no road, it was just a rocky path! If you ever tried cycling on a road like this I guess you know what I mean. At some point I almost gave up but as there were no cars, no houses, or people around I had to continue. I guess we cycled more than an hour and finally made it to a nice beach and there was a cool cave where you could climb up and see the nice view. In the end it was worth the effort but our adventure is not finished, I will be writing about the rest of the day tomorrow and Shane is going to tell you more about the places and history!

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