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Italy FlagSince classical times Italy has been the seat of civilization in the Western World, so it is fitting that Europe was brought out of the Dark Ages when the Renaissance started in Italy. The most interesting thing is that after the Roman Empire fell Italy was divided into many powerful city states and did not unify into a country until 1861, which was very late by European standards.

Venice CanalMy Visit

Back in 2014 my college roommate, who is a doctor for the military, got stationed an hour north of Venice. When I visited him and his family I also took the train into Venice for three consecutive day of exploring. After a week with them I toured northern Italy spending time in San Marino, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Genoa, and Milan.

Leaning Tower of PisaLikes, Dislikes, and Recommendations

I feel like three days in Venice was enough time to see almost everything, but I would love to go back and actually stay in the city over night. Given that Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, you could spend as much time as you like here and not run out of things to see. Pisa on the other hand, is not worth really exploring outside of the Leaning Tower and related church, so you Duromo in Florenceonly really need six hours or so. It is pricy, but I recommend climbing the tower since the lean will really throw you off as you climb. Cinque Terre is a hiking paradise and spending a day here was great, but you could do a few days and stay in the little hamlets also. If you are going to Milan, make sure you get your tickets online to see the Last Supper two weeks ahead of time.

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