All About Chartering the Guiding Light

Welcome aboard the Guiding Light, the future site of your best vacation ever!

Tired of the cold and snowy weather? Then come on down to the Caribbean and take a sailing charter on the Guiding Light for a week of snorkeling amazing reefs, relaxing on sandy beaches, partying at world renowned hot spots, exploring historic sites, and so much more. My name is Shane and I want to invite you to join the adventure and have the time of your life when you charter your next vacation aboard the Guiding Light.  

Living on a sailboat is a unique experience. You may even end up calling it your best vacation EVER, like a lot of my past guests (click to see reviews). 

During your sailboat charter you can do whatever you want. Do you want to do absolutely nothing but lie in the sun? How about playing in the water or snorkeling the reefs as if you were IN an aquarium? Check out the videos below about charters on the Guiding Light and what you can see “Under the Guiding Light”.

Swimming by
Guest driving the boat
Walking up the beach
Life is good on the boat
SUP with the Guiding Light
One of many anchorages
Holding 2 Starfish

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can help sail the boat and I will teach you as much as you would like to learn (click for the sailing school). Your sailboat charter gives you access to all the equipment aboard the vessel including snorkel gear for diving the reefs, tubing behind the dinghy, SUP (stand up paddle boards) for your paddling desires, fishing gear to appease your hunter/gather side, bicycles for land tours, and other toys socked away for you to discover.

Between Thanksgiving and mid April (winter) I will be in the Virgin Islands and $7000 plus expenses is all it takes to charter to the BVI or $6000 plus expenses if you want to sail around the USVI or Spanish VI. You can bring up to six people, which will share three queen size cabin (click to see the vessel).  Plus, you get my services of provisioning (saving you 3-4 hours at the begining of your charter), baking homemade bread for lunch sandwiches, cooking up to 3 dinners (click for the food page), and as a snorkel and tour guide with historical stories and so much more. 

Between mid April and the end of the season (spring & summer) I will be cruising down the Caribbean island chain and have two options for you. First you can charter the entire Guiding Light for a week or more at $6000 plus expenses. You will get the same great services as when I am in the Virgin Islands, but we will be experiencing new islands.

The second option is to crew aboard the Guiding Light for $3000 per cabin per week plus expenses with a two week minimum. This will be a great option if you would like to check out the cruising lifestyle and gain valueable sailing experience. You will be helping in ALL aspects of running the boat as we explore the Caribbean, includes sailing, navigation, maintainance, cooking, and cleaning. 

The typical expenses are provisioning based on what you order ($150-$250 per person per week), fuel/water/ice ($75-$125 total per week), mooring balls when we don’t anchor (up to $210 total per week), and BVI Fees ($400-$900 total per week, but only for charters going to the BVI of course).

After reading all of this I know you are interested in a vacation aboard the Guiding Light, so contact me with any questions (check out the calendar).  I look forward to having you as a guest aboard the Guiding Light.

Best vacation ever


Posing on the bow of the boat
Anegada Sunset With Fishing boat And Temptation
Anchored in Culebrita
Loving the boat life
SUP time
Turtle and a guest